This call is to announce a publishing opportunity for authors who presented papers at the 2024 Event Management Conference held 17-20 June 2024 in Orlando, Florida. The theme of the special issue is Addressing “Wicked” Problems and Opportunities” in Event Studies and Management. Please note that consideration for this special issue is ONLY available to EMC ’24 delegates.

EMC ’24 aims to delve into the most pressing societal and economic issues associated with event studies, whether that’s past, present, or future. EMC welcomes those studying various types of events, in different settings, and across a wide range of disciplines, as reflected in our Call for Papers, and the various contributions we seek to include – from research talks, fireside chats, roundtable discussions, stimulating debates to compelling keynote speaker presentations, and more!

After the conference, attendees will receive an email about this opportunity to submit a full paper to the journal. Each article will be, of course, subject to our normal peer review process – but if successful, we will include your article in the Special Issue centered on “Wicked Problems and Opportunities”. There are up to 25 exclusive slots available for papers in this special issue.

The Guest Editors who will lead and coordinate this special issue are: Dr Nicholas Wise, Dr Majd Megheirkouni, and Dr Jeannie Hahm Please reach out to us if you have questions.

Submissions must adhere to the journal guidelines and style, papers that do not do this will be initially returned to the author and they will be asked to make these corrections prior to any paper being sent out for peer-review. You will find all the manuscript preparation guidelines at the journal’s webpage:

The timeline is as follows:

1 July 2024
Email special issue editors on your intention to submit a paper, please include an extended abstract of 700 – 1000 words

7 July 2024
Feedback on extended abstracts sent back to Authors

31 Oct 2024
Submit papers to EMJ, all submissions should be submitted electronically at:
You will also need to include a title page with your submission and on the title page you need to note that your submission is being submitted for consideration in a special issue, note the title of the special issue: “Wicked Problems and Opportunities” so that your paper is routed to the guest editors. At the submission stage the editor will make the decision to desk reject of progress your paper to peer-review.

27 Nov 2024
Comments and feedback returned to authors from guest editors via Manuscript Central. Double blind review will continue until a decision is made. For resubmission of papers, please follow the guidelines noted on the journal website:

3 Mar 2025
Final decisions made on all submissions and publisher will be informed of all papers accepted for this special issue

Special Issue published in an issue of the journal

Please note: once papers are accepted they will be made available in Online First format, once all papers are finalized all accepted papers will appear in the same issue. This will be a single or double issue depending on how many papers are accepted. We look forward to reviewing your contributions!

As EMC is organized by Event Management Journal (EMJ) we have some unique publication opportunities for those who join us for EMC ’24!

  1. To be included as a co-author with colleagues inside your allocated special conference track!
  2. To submit your paper for a special double issue of x25 papers on “Wicked Problems” – only available to EMC ’24 delegates

Here’s how they work:

Conference Track & Consensus Statement:

  • Participants who submit an abstract will be allocated to a designated “Conference Track” such as cultural festivals, event planning, sports events, technology et cetera – there will be approx. 20-30 in total.
  • A “Consensus Statement” will be crafted for each track, summarizing the challenges and solutions discussed by all the contributors in that specific track, led by the conference track lead and co-authored by all those who contributed to the track.
  • The consensus statement will be a short 3000-word article and will be submitted to EMJ within 3 months of EMC ’24.
  • Each article will be, of course, subject to our normal peer review process – but if successful each contributor to the conference will be listed as a co-author and have a “free” article in EMJ as part of contributing to EMC ’24!

Special Issue on Wicked Problems:

  • All abstract contributors receive an offer to submit a full paper to the journal.
  • Each article will be, of course, subject to our normal peer review process – but if successful, we will include your article in a double Special Issue centered on “Wicked Problems”.
  • A total of 25 exclusive slots are available for this offer for conference attendees only.
  • The deadline to submit a full paper after the conference will be 20 September 2024.

If you have any questions about these publishing opportunities, please reach out to EMJ’s Editor-in-Chief, Dr Mike Duignan: