As EMC is organized by Event Management Journal (EMJ) we have some unique publication opportunities for those who join us for EMC ’24!

  1. To be included as a co-author with colleagues inside your allocated special conference track!
  2. To submit your paper for a special double issue of x25 papers on “Wicked Problems” – only available to EMC ’24 delegates

Here’s how they work:

Conference Track & Consensus Statement:

  • Participants who submit an abstract will be allocated to a designated “Conference Track” such as cultural festivals, event planning, sports events, technology et cetera – there will be approx. 20-30 in total.
  • A “Consensus Statement” will be crafted for each track, summarizing the challenges and solutions discussed by all the contributors in that specific track, led by the conference track lead and co-authored by all those who contributed to the track.
  • The consensus statement will be a short 3000-word article and will be submitted to EMJ within 3 months of EMC ’24.
  • Each article will be, of course, subject to our normal peer review process – but if successful each contributor to the conference will be listed as a co-author and have a “free” article in EMJ as part of contributing to EMC ’24!

Special Issue on Wicked Problems:

  • All abstract contributors receive an offer to submit a full paper to the journal.
  • Each article will be, of course, subject to our normal peer review process – but if successful, we will include your article in a double Special Issue centered on “Wicked Problems”.
  • A total of 25 exclusive slots are available for this offer for conference attendees only.
  • The deadline to submit a full paper after the conference will be 20 September 2024.

If you have any questions about these publishing opportunities, please reach out to EMJ’s Editor-in-Chief, Dr Mike Duignan: