Conference theme: Addressing “Wicked” Problems and Opportunities

We warmly welcome submissions that dive into the complex realm of events, focusing on challenges and opportunities across diverse disciplines, cultures, and settings.

Our objective is to examine the multifaceted nature of events, including but not exclusive to:

  1. Types of Events: Encompassing cultural, sports, business events, among others.
  2. Event Scale: From local events to large-scale, mega, or even giga events.
  3. Theoretical Perspectives: Spanning sociology, geography, history, management studies, and psychology, whether single-disciplinary, multidisciplinary, or interdisciplinary.
  4. Functional Insights: From strategy, bidding, organizing, operations, assessment, legacy preparation, and more.
  5. Popular Event Topics: Topics like “eventful cities”, “event legacies”, “event networks”, “regeneration through events”, “event tourism”, “city events”, “event methodologies”, “future events – 2025 to 2050”, and several others.
  6. Sustainability Pillars: Investigating the intersections of economic, social, and environmental sustainability in events.
  7. Critical Subjects: Emphasizing social responsibility, human rights, climate justice, inclusiveness, accessibility, and more, focusing on Global South concepts and practices.
  8. Stakeholder Perspectives: Covering perspectives from local residents, businesses, marginalized social groups, LGBTQI+, women’s rights, or entire community groups.

Abstract Submission:

  • Length: 250-500 words.
  • Focus: Theoretical, empirical, practical, methodological, educational, conceptual, or insights from real-world practice.
  • Deadline: Extended to February 27, 2024 (Submission window: November 1, 2023 – February 27, 2024).
  • Peer Review: Response on your acceptance to the conference within 14 days of submission.
  • Outcomes: Responses will be one of the following: Accept / Accept with Minor Amendments / Accept with Major Amendments / Reject.

Formatting Requirements:

  • Format: Word file.
  • Word Count: Minimum 250 to Maximum 500 (excluding references, tables, graphics).
  • Language: Avoid abbreviations and acronyms, unless widely recognized (e.g., “UN”).
  • Author Info: Include name(s), institution(s), email address(es).
  • Content: Must feature a “Problem Statement” discussing a societal or economic concern with potential remedies.

Presentation Formats:

  1. Traditional Academic Talk: 20 mins presentation + 5 mins Q&A
  2. TED-style Talk: 18 mins presentation + 7 mins Q&A
  3. Live Pechakucha: 20 slides, 20 secs each, total 6 min 40 secs + 3 mins Q&A
  4. Pre-recorded Pechakucha: Can be accessed before the conference.
  5. Poster: Digital representation of your argument
  6. Video/Documentary: Up to 50 mins.
  7. Roundtable/Interactive Session: Up to 50 mins.
  8. Other Formats: Propose to us when you submit on the form below.

Queries & Contact:

The event industry offers a vast and varied intellectual landscape and we look forward to contributions that enhance what we know about the wonderful world of events!